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In any business setting, owners must contend with many matters. Financial issues, employment law issues, internal and external contract disputes, managerial disagreements — all of these have the potential to derail a company and cause financial loss to owners, employees and other interested parties.

At the law firm of The Zoldan Law Group PLLC, we represent clients on both sides of the table. Whether you are a business owner, an executive, an employee or an outside party engaged in a dispute with a business, we have the skills and experience to protect your interests during business disputes and commercial litigation.

Located in Scottsdale, Our Arizona employment lawyers help individuals and businesses throughout the Phoenix metro area overcome a wide variety of legal challenges and business law.

Getting The Results You Want

At The Zoldan Law Group, we want to know: What does winning mean to you? Do you want to fight it out in court? Or would you prefer to settle the dispute as quietly as possible to reduce the impact on your finances and professional reputation? No matter which path you choose, we have the skills to get results.

Our attorneys can help you protect your legal rights during commercial disputes involving:

  • Unfair competition— Deceptive or illegal business practices and statements can undermine a company’s economic position.
  • Fraud— Statements or acts involving dishonesty or intentional deception hurt business prospects, financial stability and corporate and professional goodwill.
  • Tortious interference with businesses— Convincing a party to breach a contract or disrupting a party’s ability to fulfill a contract causes harm to financial health and corporate goodwill.
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets— Taking, using or disclosing trade secrets can undermine financial stability, business prospects and market share.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty— When people in a place of trust, including corporate officers, directors, lawyers and agents, fail to live up to their duties, financial and business harm can result.
  • Defamation— Publicly made false statements can have damaging effects on financial stability and corporate/professional goodwill.
  • Misappropriation and embezzlement— Taking corporate funds for personal use is a felony in Arizona.
  • Fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation— False and negligent statements that induce another to act may cause financial harm.

We also represent individuals during partnership disputes and help clients protect their interests during disputes involving professional practices.

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