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Phoenix Libel Lawyer

Protection for a person against defamation through libel is covered under Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 20-445. Defaming someone in a permanent medium through written form, photo, electronic broadcast, some form of printed words or a form of communication in a physical way is called libel.

This is a serious civil action because a person’s career, family life, friendships, club memberships and self-worth can be shaken, ruined and devastating. Libel must be proved with physical evidence, such as witnesses, published works, printed media, and physical acts of malicious false derogatory actions against a person.
Some forms of libel are:

  • Written communication that threatens to injure or kill anyone or persons;
  • Money extortion attempts;
  • Newspaper articles without publishers name;
  • Public statements that is false;
  • False rumors, suggestions, written or printed material of financial institutions, banks and loan institutions; and
  • Printing, publishing, distributing and disseminating printed materials that can cause persons or religious groups to be targeted and exposed to hate, ridicule, contempt and harm stemming from the material.

It is legally unacceptable for anyone to suffer defamation and its affects when they are not true. One can align it to the results of a child being bullied in school and the long and short term effects that has on those young victims. Our recommendation is to seek the legal experts of our law firm to assist you in determining if you are a victim as well as let is handle the difficulty of gathering solid evidence if available for your case.

If you are a victim of any of the above mentioned types of defamation or you are unsure, contact our Phoenix employment law attorneys at The Zoldan Law Group. We can give you strong legal advice and guide you through the entire process of filing a claim. Contact us today at (480) 442-3410 for a confidential consultation.