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For many nurses, the public hearing at which a complaint and investigation are discussed can feel like the moment of truth.

While it’s true that the hearing is when the Arizona State Board of Nursing will determine whether or not to take disciplinary action against a registered nurse, it is also one in a series of steps during which nurses can benefit from experienced legal help. Whether you’ve just been notified of a formal complaint or are preparing to speak on your behalf at the hearing, The Zoldan Law Group can offer you careful guidance to protect your interests and minimize the impact that any disciplinary action has on your long-term career future.

Understand What The Hearing Is … And What It Isn’t

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that the hearing at which your case will be evaluated isn’t a “hearing” in the sense that you are required to defend yourself before Board members. The purpose of the hearing, which is accessible to the public, is to allow the Board to review the evidence obtained during the course of its investigation. This includes information you might have supplied during a self-report, accusations made in a complaint filed by a patient or colleague, as well as findings from interviews conducted by an investigator and others, such as psychologists.

You aren’t required to speak at your hearing, but you have the right to. Having an experienced lawyer represent you — and you can have a lawyer at your hearing — means knowing that you won’t make any statements that could in any way jeopardize your case. It also means knowing that the Board will not take any inappropriate action during the hearing … and that if your case does result in any form of discipline, you will be ready to immediately begin considering your options for an appeal.

Once the Board has taken what is considered to be a final action, you can begin pursuing your appeal in the event you are subject to discipline.

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