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Phoenix Tortious Interference With Business Attorney

In the U.S., businesses operate in a free market and competition is the key to success. However, certain behaviors can quickly move from “competitive” to illegal. Known as tortious interference with contractual relations or business relationships, these illegal activities often cause great financial harm and irreparably damage personal reputations and corporate goodwill.

At The Zoldan Law Group, we will stop illegal activity, prevent future damage to your financial health and hold wrongdoers liable for the economic injuries their unlawful interference causes. From our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, we serve individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and midsize businesses throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Tortious Interference With Business And Contractual Relationships

If your business prospects or contractual relations have been negatively impacted by another’s actions, you may have a legal claim against that party. Common behaviors that rise to the level of tortious interference include:

  • Inducing a party to break a contract
  • Improperly recruiting customers away from a competitor
  • Using defamation or slander to drive business away from a competitor
  • Causing an employee to breach a nondisclosure or noncompete agreement
  • Offering below-market prices, or taking a loss, to recruit customers away from a competitor

Compensation recoverable in a tortious interference lawsuit includes damages for:

  • The economic loss caused by unlawful interference
  • Resulting harm to professional reputations and corporate goodwill
  • Other losses experienced as a result of the interference

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