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Phoenix DUI And Substance Abuse Diversion Programs

Facing challenges with alcohol or drug abuse doesn’t have to spell the end of your career as a nurse or other health care professional. There are options to help you.

At The Zoldan Law Group, we are passionate about fighting to protect the careers of health care workers in the Phoenix Metro and across Arizona. Part of our comprehensive, wide-view approach to legal counsel is identifying ways to help our clients minimize their exposure to the worst disciplinary actions whenever possible. If you are struggling with substance abuse, you may be able to get the help you need without sacrificing the career you’ve worked hard for. We’re ready to make that happen.

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Nurses in Arizona can benefit from the CANDO program. CANDO stands for “Chemically Addicted Nurses Diversion Option” and is overseen by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Nurses can be referred to the program as a result of self-reporting of criminal charges, such as a DUI, or following a formal complaint by a colleague, patient or employer (but before a formal investigation begins).

The Board recognizes that protecting the health and safety of patients is of the utmost importance. It also recognizes that, with the proper help and access to resources, nurses with alcohol or drug addictions can lead productive nursing careers while overcoming their challenges. That’s what CANDO is designed to do.

Programs like CANDO are by no means easy. The many requirements of successful participation in CANDO include:

  • A three-year minimum monitoring period
  • Mandatory attendance of AA/NA meetings
  • Random drug screening
  • Avoiding all potentially addictive drugs, including alcohol

The benefits of CANDO include the fact that it is confidential, and that those who participate in the program can generally continue in practice without having to go through the formal investigative process associated with most other types of misconduct.

If you’re considering enrolling in CANDO, another substance abuse program, or have other questions about addressing circumstances that could affect your ability to practice, we encourage you to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. For a case consultation with one of our attorneys, call our main office in Scottsdale at (480) 442-3410 or complete our online contact form.