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Phoenix Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets Lawyer

Creating a new and novel idea, formula, process or other items that provides a business with a competitive advantage requires much time, research and development. This process can be very lengthy and involve considerable financial investments. When trade secrets are misappropriated, businesses risk losing their investments and their competitive edge.

At The Zoldan Law Group, we help clients protect their trade secrets and preserve their competitive advantage. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, our lawyers represent individuals, inventors, and small and midsize businesses throughout the Phoenix metro area during misappropriation of trade secret disputes.

Trade Secret Law in Scottsdale

A trade secret is proprietary information, unknown to competitors or the general public, which confers a competitive business advantage upon its holder. If despite reasonable efforts to protect the information, a person improperly releases the information — such as through the breach of a confidentiality agreement — he or she may be held legally liable for misappropriating the trade secret.

Acts that constitute misappropriation of a trade secret include acquiring the information through theft, fraud or other improper means or disclosing secret information.

Common forms of restitution include:

  • Obtaining an injunction that forces an individual to cease his or her improper use of the trade secret
  • Money damages, including lost earnings, profits acquired from illegal use of the secret or the payment of a royalty
  • Attorneys’ fees sustained in protecting the trade secret against misappropriation

Protect Your Competitive Advantage

If you are engaged in a business dispute regarding proprietary business information, you need lawyers who will fight to protect your business’s financial investments and competitive edge.

At The Zoldan Law Group, we have more trial experience than attorneys twice our age. We have an established reputation in the local legal community for being strong courtroom advocates. We are committed to getting results and will go the extra mile to protect our clients’ interests.

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