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Scottsdale Slander Lawyer

Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) 20-445 clearly offers protection against anyone or entity that slanders someone through speech, statement or in verbal form; known as defamation. Legal protection is needed if you have been slandered because it can harm your reputation, career and personal life.

It is difficult to prove slander defamation because it requires actual proof of damage from hard evidence that may be lacking. So it is crucial to have witnesses who heard or saw what happened that are willing to make statements for you. Slander can affect marriages and friendships, as well as work careers. It needs to be taken seriously when appropriate before it negatively affects the various aspects of your life. Children and young adults are more commonly victimized to similar actions with different effects and usually labeled as bullying, but when it causes a suicide or death it can be as serious. Legal help is your best solution to finding a resolution.

Defamation slander can also be caused by disseminating rumors, siding or abetting such slander whether directly or indirectly with false malicious information.

It can be very difficult for the victim to talk to witnesses and gather their statements, if willing and/or to get access to video proof from the perpetrator, if it exists. This is the very reason you should report it right away and have our legal assistant’s gather any solid evidence existing and determine if you are victim and have a case worthy to bring forth charges.

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