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Phoenix Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Although U.S. laws prohibiting various forms of employment discrimination date back to 1866, many people in the Phoenix metro area face this problem every day. You may have been fired selectively because of your race, religious beliefs or disability. Women are sometimes passed over for promotion due to their gender. Some workers are subjected to offensive remarks and other discriminatory behavior that creates a hostile work environment.

Fired Or Treated Unfairly At Work Due To Discrimination?

No one should simply accept a wrongful termination or suffer in silence while workplace discrimination continues. At The Zoldan Law Group PLLC, we know the state and federal laws that define your rights as an employee and member of a protected class. Our lawyers have extensive experience navigating EEOC processes and pursuing lawsuits against employers who discriminate or allow discrimination to persist in their companies.

Turn To Phoenix Lawyers Who Will Fight For Fairness And Your Future

You can count on receiving clear, honest advice when you turn to our employment law team. If you do not have a viable claim, we will tell you that. If you have a viable claim, we are exceptionally equipped to take your case through trial if that is the best path to justice for you. Your attorney will listen to your story, investigate as needed, and explain your options in any matter of alleged:

  • Discrimination based on your race, national origin, religion or ethnicity
  • Age discrimination if, for example, you have been unlawfully terminated and replaced with a younger worker because you are over 40
  • Gender discrimination as a female worker, professional, or executive
  • Pregnancy discrimination, or related concerns such as the denial of your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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