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Tucson Wage and Hour Disputes Lawyer

Under federal and state laws, Tucson employees have the right to be fairly and legally compensated for their work. Employment laws require employers to comply with minimum wage, overtime pay, timely pay, and employment classification laws that are in place to protect employees. Unfortunately, employers do not always comply with wage and hour laws, and as a result, employers are unjustly enriched while employees are forced to sacrifice income to which they are legally entitled.

If you believe you have lost income due to your employer’s wage and hour violations, you need to speak with an employment law attorney. Tuscon wage and hour dispute attorneys at the Zoldan Law Group PLLC represent employees who have been illegally deprived of income by their employers. Contact our office for a consultation to discuss your compensation rights and remedies.

Our Tuscon Employment Law Attorneys

  • Our Tuscon employment law attorneys understand that you work hard for your wages, and your employer should not profit from your losses. They will work to maximize your financial recovery and to make sure that your employment law rights are protected.
  • Our attorneys are experienced in wage and hour violation claims, and they know how the federal and state laws apply to your case. They will handle your claim with skill and efficiency.
  • Our attorneys have tried more employment cases in Arizona District Courts over recent years than any other plaintiffs’ employment law firm. We make every attempt to avoid the time and expense of litigation, but if settlement negotiations fall through, our attorneys will be prepared to take your case to trial.

How Our Tuscon Attorneys Can Help

If you suspect that your employer has illegally avoided paying you the wages that you deserve, we can help. You may not know which laws your employer has violated, but our attorneys are familiar with common wage and hour violation practices, and they know how and where to obtain evidence to prove your claim. They will gather important documents and interview relevant witnesses to build a solid case for your claim.

Common Types Of Wage And Hour Violations

See below for a description of the common types of wage and hour violations.

  • Minimum wage violations occur when employers pay employees an hourly wage that is lower than federal and state minimum wage laws. For example, it is illegal for employers to pay employees a server’s salary for doing non-tipped work.
  • Unpaid overtime violations occur when employers fail to pay employees the minimum overtime rate for time worked beyond 40 hours in one week.
  • Employers sometimes withhold more wages than they are permitted to withhold for paycheck taxes, and employees are then deprived of wages due to them.
  • Employers are in violation of state and federal laws when they fail to pay wages owed to employees. This frequently occurs when employers have required off the clock duties for hourly employees.
  • Employers sometimes misclassify employees in order to avoid being subject to certain labor laws. For example, if an employer misclassifies an hourly employee as a salaried employee, the employer may avoid paying overtime to the employee.

Tucson Wage And Hour Dispute Attorneys

Wage and hour laws can be complicated, but proving your employer violations will be easier with an experienced attorney advocating for your rights. If you believe your employer has illegally underpaid your wages, contact an employment law attorney at the Zoldan Law Group PLLC to schedule a consultation.