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Tucson Race Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination is not uncommon in the workplace, but fortunately for affected employees, they may be entitled to compensation and other legal remedies. Employees who experience discrimination at work based on their race, ethnicity, skin color, or country of national origin often suffer financial and emotional damages as a result.

Federal and state laws provide protections for employees who experience discrimination at work. Tucson race discrimination attorneys at the Zoldan Law Group PLLC represents employees in claims against their employers for racial discrimination. We know that no one deserves to be a victim of employment discrimination, and we fight to protect our clients’ civil and legal rights.

Tucson Race Discrimination Employment Law Practice

  • We know that discrimination in the workplace often goes unreported because employees fear that reporting discrimination will put their jobs in jeopardy. You have a right to report discrimination at work, and if your job is negatively impacted as a result, our attorneys can help you with a retaliation claim.
  • Our attorneys stand up for employees against discriminatory workplace policies and practices. We know that discrimination happens at work, and even when employment discrimination is not open and obvious, our attorneys have the skills and legal knowledge to help prove your discrimination claim.
  • Our attorneys handle all types of race discrimination matters, including those related to hiring, wrongful termination, promotion, retaliation, sexual harassment, and creating or fostering a hostile work environment.

Employment Law Investigation

Investigating and discovering evidence is critical to succeeding in a race discrimination case. Our attorneys know how to obtain evidence that may be difficult to gather on your own. For example, our attorneys may be able to collect emails, job applications, company employee profiles, and other information that may help to prove your employer’s discrimination.

Racial Discrimination Examples

As mentioned above, race discrimination is typically not open and obvious, but our employment law investigation will help to gather evidence that shows your employer’s discriminatory practices and policies. See below for examples of common types of race discrimination that occur in the workplace.

  • Minority employees or employees of a particular race are routinely segregated into a particular physical location or type of job.
  • Employers have hiring qualifications that result in a disparate impact against minority applicants. For example, employers that only hire job applicants who are native English speakers.
  • Caucasian employees are more regularly promoted than minorities who have the same or higher qualifications.
  • Minority employees are paid a lower wage than other employees working in the same position.
  • Employees of a particular race are subjected to a hostile work environment. For example, when employees of one race regularly face racially charged comments and jokes, or when employees have unreasonable job expectations that are not placed on employees of another race.

Race Discrimination Representation in Tucson

Employees who have suffered harm due to employment discrimination in the workplace deserve legal redress. Compensation and legal remedies that may be available include lost earnings and benefits, job search costs, job reinstatement, job promotion, attorneys’ fees, and emotional harm. In cases that prove employers’ intentional discrimination based on race, punitive damages may also be available.

If you have been discriminated against at work because of your race, you need aggressive legal advocacy. Contact the Zoldan Law Group PLLC to discuss your legal options and the injuries and damages you sustained. Discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and our Arizona employment law attorneys will pursue maximum compensation and legal remedies from your employer.