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Thank you, for your dedication and patience while assisting us with our dispute.

You have provided us peace of mind, knowing that we have a knowledgeable attorney on our side. I will recommend you as a talented and tenacious attorney to anyone facing a legal battle.

Martha M.

He did an incredible job handling a very difficult, and sensitive, legal situation for me.

He was exceptionally expedient in handling my case, and got me everything I asked for!!! As a result of his compassionate and knowledgeable representation, I am enthusiastically referring him to all of my friends.

jo w.

As a result, I still have my job and reputation intact...

Facing harassment and possible termination by Management, he was able to quickly size up the situation, explain my rights to me, and put Management and HR on the defensive with an aggressive strategy of pre-emption. As a result, I still have my job and reputation intact.

Michael K.

Without a doubt he was the best thing that ever happened to me when it came to my legal issues.

He was professional, knowledgeable, thorough and got me everything I needed to be made whole again. But what impressed me most about him was his kindness and compassion. He put me at ease, mitigated my fears and anxiety, and, simply put, was comforting. I HIGHLY recommend him for your business legal issues!

Cathy D

Thanks again for your very professional work, your commitment to this project and your extraordinary work effort.

fred h.

You are a genius and a God-sent gift.

Stephanie C.

He was able to quickly obtain a payment on my behalf that was extremely delinquent.

I had been getting the run around for months on end, but after hiring him to represent me, I received payment in full within a week. I found him to be a very open and honest individual, I would recommend him to anyone seeking highly qualified legal representation.

Thomas W.

He represented me regarding a wrongful accusation by my employer.

I was faced with losing my job and possibly my professional career of 30 years. He agreed to take my case knowing I was innocent and gave me the reassurance and confidence to win my case and keep my job with respect. I was granted back pay and remain as a licensed professional in a career that I am devoted to. Thank.

Marianne M.