Seattle Non-Compete and Severance Agreements Attorney

Seattle Non-Compete and Severance Agreements Lawyer

When you get a new job, two important documents you may receive as part of your employment contract are the non-compete and severance agreements. Before you sign on the dotted lines, however, bring these documents to an employment law attorney in Seattle for inspection. While these are fairly standard agreements, they may contain fine print that infringes upon your rights or break the law.

The attorneys at Zoldan Law Group PLLC can review new employment documents to help protect your rights at a future place of work and/or take action if an employer has done something wrong. Call (480) 418-7878 today to start with a consultation with our lawyers in Seattle.

Why Choose Zoldan Law Group PLLC?

  • We have years of experience reading, deciphering and contesting non-compete and severance agreements.
  • We can give you peace of mind in the knowledge that an attorney has inspected employment documents before you sign.
  • We may be able to make things right if an employer has broken a law or infringed upon your civil rights in an agreement you already signed.

What Are Non-Compete and Severance Agreements?

A non-compete agreement is an employee’s legal promise not to work with the employer’s competitors after the termination of the working relationship. They prevent a competitor from benefitting from another company’s training, systems and relationships with clients. Most non-compete or non-disclosure agreements contain language prohibiting the employee from working for competitors – either in general or by name – after the termination of his or her job with the company.

A severance agreement or package promises benefits to an employee in the event of job termination, usually for something in return. The employee may agree not to file a lawsuit against the company for job termination, for example, in exchange for severance benefits. At many workplaces, employers combine non-compete agreements and severance packages. The employer may offer severance pay or benefits in return for signing a non-compete, for example. It is important to have a lawyer you can trust review both documents before you sign anything. Signing a strict non-compete, for instance, could significantly impact your ability to find a new job after ceasing your relationship with your current employer.

What Can an Employer Lawfully Ask of You?

An employer can technically include any language it wants in employment documents, contracts and agreements. It is up to you to read forms carefully before signing them. If you sign, it could be more difficult to protect your rights later. However, employment contracts must be reasonable for the courts of Washington to enforce them. Most non-competes have time limits, such as one year past job termination. If an employer asks you to make an unreasonable promise, such as never working in your industry again after job termination, the courts most likely will not uphold it as a legally binding agreement. Catching issues before you sign can save you the trouble of taking an employer to court later.

While non-compete and severance agreements are common legal documents for employers to give new employees in Seattle, it is essential to run things by an attorney before you sign. Otherwise, you could give away important rights – such as the right to accept a better job offer. A severance agreement lawyer will look out for your best interests during the review of employment contracts, letting you know whether you should sign them as-is or negotiate for better terms. If you already signed an agreement you believe is invalid or unfair, a lawyer may be able to help you take action against your employer for a rights violation.

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The attorneys at Zoldan Law Group PLLC have years of experience helping workers protect, exercise and defend their rights. If you need a lawyer to review legal documents at a prospective job before signing, please contact us for assistance. We can read any employment documents that come your way, as well as counsel you in how to protect your legal entitlements as an employee, now and in the future.

Should you need to file a contract dispute against your employer or a business partner, our attorneys can also help. Call (480) 418-7878 for a consultation to discuss your specific concern.

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