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Phoenix Nursing Board Investigations Attorney

It is not uncommon for registered nurses to be investigated by the Board of Nursing, but nurses should never make the mistake of dismissing a pending or potential investigation. If you believe there may be any threat to your license, no matter how small, you should contact an experienced Phoenix nursing board defense attorney.

Our attorneys at the Zoldan Law Group PLLC defend nurses who are being investigated by the Arizona State Board of Nursing for misconduct. We know that any threat to your license can be distressing, but we will work with you and fight to protect your rights.

Our Nursing Board Defense Practice

  • Our attorneys will negotiate with the nursing board on your behalf and represent your best interests. We know that many of these investigations are based on false and misleading facts and blind accusations. We also know that sometimes nurses make mistakes, but mistakes do not always warrant a loss of license or discipline.
  • We understand how damaging misconduct allegations can be for your nursing profession. Our attorneys will fight to defend your license, your professional reputation, and your career.
  • Our attorneys are experienced in nursing board investigation matters, and they will use their best defense strategies and negotiation skills to resolve all issues in your favor.

Defending Your Nursing Board Investigation

We know that nursing is a stressful profession and that the medical profession is facing a nursing shortage. Nurses are often overworked, and they do not always have the assistance and resources that they need at work. We will make sure that the investigator and the nursing board understand all of the important facts and circumstances that strengthen your defense.

Our attorneys will defend you at all stages of your nursing board matter. We will attempt to settle matters with the nursing board while it is still in the investigation phase. This may help you avoid a drawn-out investigation and discipline process. It may also help you avoid the embarrassment of information about your case becoming public. We can help you at the board review of your investigation, hearing, and appeal, as well.

Who Can Make A Complaint?

Nursing board investigations typically begin when they receive a notice or complaint about a nurse’s conduct. Anyone is allowed to submit a complaint, but some individuals and institutions are required to report information to the board related to unsafe or substandard nursing conduct. Complaints are frequently made by employers, coworkers, other healthcare professionals, patients or family members, law enforcement, and other regulatory agencies.

How We Can Help

Our Phoenix nursing board investigation attorneys defend nurses in any type of nursing board investigation matter, including the following:

  • Alternative to discipline agreements
  • Application for licensure
  • License denials
  • Criminal charges
  • Felony convictions
  • Substance abuse matters
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Gross negligence
  • Sexual abuse and harassment
  • Falsification of records
  • Elder abuse
  • Practicing without a license
  • False insurance claims
  • Standard of care allegations

Phoenix Nursing Board Investigations Attorney

If you are facing allegations of misconduct, contact a nursing board investigations attorney at the Zoldan Law Group PLLC to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Our Phoenix employment attorneys can help defend you at any stage of your nursing board matter, but it is always advantageous to begin defending complaints and allegations at the beginning of an investigation. We know that your nursing license and professional reputation mean everything to your career, and we will work to protect and defend your rights.