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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

What is a 'reasonable accommodation?'

Most everyone knows that it's illegal for employers to discriminate against someone based on his or her disability when deciding whom to hire, promote or terminate. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers also have an obligation to make "reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability."

Have you been the victim of age discrimination in the workplace?

Employment discrimination of all kinds often involves some level of ignorance about what impact certain characteristics have on people's ability to do a job. That's often the case with age discrimination. In a society that seems to worship youth, people who have hit 40 or older are too often not considered as capable of doing a job as a younger person.

11 Nike executives out amid harassment, discrimination claims

You'd think that an iconic international company like Nike would have so many systems in place to prevent inappropriate and illegal workplace behavior that it would be rare. However, nearly a dozen executives have recently left the company amid widespread allegations of harassment and discrimination directed at women in the company.

Court ruling on salary history could minimize gender disparity

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was signed into law to mandate that people should be paid the same amount for doing the same job, regardless of gender. In the ensuing 55 years, many factors have perpetuated gender wage disparity. Statistics vary, but a recent report indicated that the average woman earns 80.5 cents for every dollar earned by men. Men on average earn more than $10,000 a year more than women.

How do you know if an interviewer's questions are illegal?

You landed an interview for your dream job. You've got the experience and skills to excel. Then the person interviewing you asks some questions that make you uncomfortable and seem irrelevant to whether you're a good fit for the position. How do you know if these questions are permitted? If they aren't, how do you gracefully refrain from answering them without jeopardizing your chances of being hired?

Are you the victim of workplace harassment?

Most of us spend a good chunk of our waking hours at work. Therefore, our life can become highly unpleasant if someone in our workplace is regularly unkind or even a bully to us. At what point does that behavior cross over into harassment, and when does a situation become a "hostile work environment" that may require legal action to remedy?

What counts as "undue hardship" for an employer?

In many instances, if an employee has some form of disability, he or she may request that an employer provide reasonable accommodation to allow him or her to do his or her job effectively. For many individuals, the laws that ensure this right offer important protections that ensure they can participate in the workforce fully.

Arizona employees and medical marijuana

As greater numbers of states throughout the country continue to advance marijuana legalization efforts, employees often find themselves between a rock and a hard place, legally speaking. Here in Arizona, it seems as though it is only a matter of time before the drug receives some form of widespread legalization, as legislators regularly introduce legislation to that effect.. However, even in states where the drug is legal, employers may not treat employees who use the drug legally in a fair way.

Should I consider waiving my age discrimination rights?

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), aging employees have protections against age discriminate in the workplace. Older employees are often some of the most vulnerable to unfair practices, especially as the business world continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace. Without these protections, workers may see themselves sidelined well before they can afford to retire.