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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Scottsdale asks for state-level LGBT protections

City officials in Scottsdale recently sent a letter to state-level lawmakers asking them to establish state-wide protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities and individuals throughout Arizona. This stands in contrast with past actions of the city, which previously rejected a local LGBT protection ordinance.

Private prison company settles sexual harassment suit

Justice is always sweet, but it is all the more so when it addresses wrongs committed adjacent to the justice system itself. A major player in the Arizona private prison system recently agreed to a sizable settlement and additional enforcement of anti-sexual harassement measures in a suit brought by 16 former guards.

Are you ready to stand up to racial discrimination at work?

The recent uproar in Hollywood and elsewhere over sexual misconduct shines a spotlight on all kinds of discrimination and misconduct in the workplace, creating a tide of momentum propelling others to speak out about many injustices in all areas of employment. While we would love to believe that other types of injustice are a thing of the past, like racial discrimination, this behavior is still alive and well in many workplaces around the country and the world.

Responding to violations of your rights in the workplace

Creating a safe workplace for employees is one of the most important responsibilities of any employer. Unfortunately, far too many workplaces still allow unfair treatment or discrimination, placing an unfair burden on employees who suffer violations of their rights to stand up to unacceptable behavior in order to create safe work environments for all people.

Defending employees' rights in the workplace

Employees often believe their employers are the ones with absolutely all the power in any conflict, but this is not as true as it may feel. In many cases, employees have a great deal of power to object to the practices of an employer, especially if the employer is breaking the law or some noncriminal regulation.

Does your employer take workplace sexual harassment seriously?

The matter of sexual harassment in the workplace has taken center stage again in recent months, this time focused on sexual misconduct within the entertainment industry and the political world. However, sexual misconduct and harassment occur regularly in every area of employment, and we must take the fight against such behavior seriously.

National Parks under fire for discrimination in the workplace

The Grand Canyon National Park and many other National Parks throughout the country came under fire recently regarding allegations that many employees of the National Parks Service suffered harassment and discrimination on the job. Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice can occur anywhere, even in places like the Park Service where one might not expect it.

Arizona tribes face criticism for harassment response

A recent report delivered by the U.S. Department of Interior suggests that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has fallen short of its duties responding to reports of sexual harassment in the workplace by individuals working within Colorado River Indian Tribes organizations. According to the report, the Bureau did not properly respond to the seriousness of these harassment allegations in the workplace.

Does my employer's insurance cover my pregnancy?

When you first receive the news that you are pregnant, you may experience a thousand feelings in a single, life-changing moment. Then later, the thoughts occur to you — how will my employer respond to my pregnancy? Will my employer's insurance cover me and my child all the way through to term? Health insurance through an employer is a great benefit, but now you're not entirely sure exactly what the coverages include.

Steps to take when you encounter workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination continues to be a serious problem, despite the many advances we have made in employee protections over the years. It is never pleasant to experience or confront, and many employees do not know exactly how to respond when they encounter discrimination in the workplace. If you experience discrimination in the workplace, you have a duty and opportunity to make your workplace safer by standing up for your rights — but how exactly does an employee do this?