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Posts tagged "Severance Agreement"

Be cautious trading your signature for severance

Whether you have spent decades at your job or only a few months, receiving notice that management is terminating you can come as a blow. Few people have jobs they don't depend on to meet their basic needs - rent or mortgage, car payments, and daily expenses like gas and groceries. To be suddenly out of work can throw the most solid budget into a tailspin.

Beware of a severance agreement you don't understand

Have you ever known someone who will sign his or her name to a dotted line when asked to do so, without actually reading the document? Many people in Arizona and across the nation have wound up facing terrible legal complications after adding their signatures to documents they didn't fully understand. A lawfully signed contract becomes enforceable by law; therefore, it is crucial to have a full understanding of all obligations and restrictions contained therein to avoid negative surprises later.