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Posts tagged "Age Discrimination"

Are you a victim of age discrimination at work?

After years or even decades on the job, some workers are suddenly finding themselves unemployed, laid off for reasons they may not completely understand. You may worry that this will happen to you. You may feel frustrated and confused if your work evaluations have been good until recently or you see others your age receiving termination notices even though the business doesn't seem to be falling on any hard times that would necessitate a layoff.

Do You Have an Age Discrimination Case?

You were a loyal employee, but now you find yourself out of a job. You applied for a different position in the restructured team for which your knowledge and skills are a perfect fit, but the company declined to give you the job. However, you were asked to train the 21-year-old who is essentially taking over your duties. You were just shy of your pension planning goals and now are on the job hunt at 59.