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Scottsdale Revoked And Suspended License Attorney: Board of Nursing


Understand What You’re Up Against … And How To Fight Back

No one wants to think about worst-case scenarios, especially when they concern your career. It can be overwhelming to think that everything you’ve worked hard for as a health care professional could be taken away from you by a panel of board members reviewing a case file.

As experienced professional license defense attorneys, however, it’s our job to consider every possible worst-case scenario … then come up with a strategy to help our clients avoid them. We’re proud to stand behind Arizona’s nurses, physicians and other licensed health care professionals and make sure that they don’t become the target of excessive or otherwise unfair discipline when they have been accused of criminal activity, professional misconduct or other wrongdoing. Our firm is here to fight for you.

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The Arizona State Board of Nursing, for example, breaks down possible disciplinary actions into four separate categories:

  • Dismissal: As the name suggests, this occurs when the Board concludes that there is no basis for administering any disciplinary action.
  • Nondisciplinary: If the Board finds that the licensee has engaged in “questionable conduct” but is not of high risk to the public, it may prepare a Letter of Concern addressing this. Because this is not considered a disciplinary action, it cannot be appealed.
  • Disciplinary actions: Licensees who have been found to have violated the Nurse Practice Act can be subject to a wide range of discipline, ranging from civil penalties (fines) and probation, to suspension and outright revocation of a license. Some cases may end in a consent agreement in which the licensee agrees to voluntarily surrender his or her license.
  • Administrative violations: These cases typically concern licensees who have failed to report address changes or who have worked under an expired license.

If you think you are likely to face any disciplinary action in a Scottsdale Board hearing, and especially if you have received a disciplinary action following a hearing, we encourage you to speak with our attorneys to evaluate every option you may have for appealing the Board’s decision. Send an email now or call our main offices in Scottsdale at 480-442-3410 to arrange a completely confidential case evaluation.