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Whether you self-reported an arrest or criminal conviction or a patient or employer filed a formal complaint against you, a formal investigation process may be set into motion, and it is vital that you know how to protect your interests during this crucial time — and avoid taking any steps that could negatively impact your ability to practice.

Get legal help that understands the process and believes that every health care professional in Arizona deserves experienced counsel to protect their career and livelihood. Clients throughout the Phoenix Metro turn to The Zoldan Law Group because our attorneys offer big-picture legal representation that never steers away from the endgame. That’s legal help you need when your career is at stake.

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Understand How The Investigation Process Will Unfold … And Your Role In It

Below is the explanation of the investigation process of the Arizona State Board of Nursing, which addresses misconduct on the part of the state’s registered nurses:

  1. The board will receive a formal complaint or a licensee’s self-report. If you have been arrested or convicted on certain charges, you have a responsibility to self-report to your board within a specified amount of time. Employers, colleagues, patients or others who believe you have engaged in unprofessional conduct must file a formal complaint to the board.
  2. The board will determine whether it can investigate and, if necessary, take disciplinary action. While most health care boards have sweeping authority, they cannot investigate alleged misconduct unless they have the proper jurisdiction to do so.
  3. The board will formally notify you that it has begun an investigation. You (and, if applicable, the complainant) must be notified that the board will be investigating your case.
  4. You will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations against you. You will be required to submit a written response to a formal complaint. As part of the investigative process, you will be interviewed by an investigator and possibly subject to examination by other experts, such as a psychologist. All evidence will be prepared in a formal investigation report.
  5. The board will evaluate the investigation report and take disciplinary action if it decides to do so. You do have the right to speak on your behalf during the board’s meeting, but are not required to do so.
  6. If you are formally disciplined, you will have options to appeal the board’s decision. Administrative appeal processes exist to allow licensees to protest actions they believe are excessive or otherwise unfair. An experienced lawyer can determine your appeal options based on the specific action taken by the board.

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