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As a worker, you deserve to be paid what the law entitles you to. State and federal laws set various rules regarding the payment of workers. Unfortunately, employers sometimes violate these laws, paying employees less than they deserve. Overtime violations and minimum wage violations are two common types of such employer misconduct.

Victims of overtime and minimum wage violations have rights. We here at The Zoldan Law Group are committed to protecting employee rights. We help individuals in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area in wage and hour disputes with their employers. We help our clients understand what their rights are and pursue the remedies that state and federal laws make available.

Guiding You Through All Stages Of Your Overtime Or Minimum Wage Claim

Federal labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act set the overtime rules here in Arizona. Under these laws, employees who work excess hours beyond 40 hours a week are typically entitled to overtime pay.

Arizona law sets the minimum wage at $10 per hour. Some workers, such as those who commonly receive tips, are subject to special rules when it comes to state minimum wage law.

Our lawyers understand the complexity of determining whether a violation of minimum wage or overtime law has occurred and have detailed knowledge of the specifics of federal overtime laws and Arizona minimum wage law. We can conduct detailed investigations, including pay stub reviews, to help you know if your employer has been paying you less than it is required to under these laws.

If your wage rights have been violated, we will fight to help you get the appropriate legal remedies. We will help you through all steps of the process of challenging employer wage misconduct, including:

  • Filing a letter of demand
  • Filing complaints
  • Negotiating with your employer
  • If necessary, bringing your case to trial, as our attorneys have very strong litigation skills

Learn About Your Minimum Wage And Overtime Rights in Phoenix

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