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Many things impact your rights as a worker. One is how your employer classifies you. Your employer cannot simply give you whatever classification would most benefit it. Rather, there are rules employers must follow when classifying employees.

The Zoldan Law Group helps employees who have questions regarding classification. Our attorneys serve employees in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Phoenix metro area. We can explain the various rules regarding classification and how they apply to your particular work position and aggressively fight for your employment law rights if you have been misclassified.

Helping Scottsdale Workers Who Have Been Misclassified

One major classification issue is whether your employer has classified you as exempt or nonexempt. This greatly impacts what rights you have under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as exempt employees have very few FLSA rights. Among the FLSA rights they typically do not have are overtime pay rights. Numerous factors control whether employees are to be classified as exempt or nonexempt, including:

  • Whether or not they are paid by salary
  • Their wage level
  • The type of job
  • The type of tasks connected with the job

Another significant classification matter is whether you have been classified as an employee or an independent contractor. Independent contractors generally have fewer rights and entitlements under labor laws than employees. As with exempt/nonexempt classifications, employers must consider a range of things when deciding whether a given worker will be classified as an independent contractor or an employee.

If your employer has misclassified you as exempt or an independent contractor, you may be deprived of important rights and benefits. Our firm is very knowledgeable of the complex rules of employee status determination and the remedies available in relation to the misclassification of employees. Our lawyers can help you understand if you have a strong misclassification case and give you clear explanations of your options under labor laws.

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