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Phoenix Retaliation Attorney

Starting in early childhood, people can find methods of getting back at others who have wronged them. Unfortunately, childish retaliation can occur even in professional environments, in ways that can be subtle or painfully obvious.

Retaliation can take the form of the firing, demotion, suspension, transfer, harassment or other negative treatment of an employee. In the field of employment law, such conduct is often referred to as an adverse employment action.

In Arizona, federal and state laws prohibit employers from taking certain retaliatory actions against their employees. If your employer or boss tried to punish you for speaking up about a concern or reporting misconduct, you can file an EEOC claim against your employer and, if necessary, sue your employer with the assistance of a lawyer of your choosing.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees Who Have Been Retaliated Against

At the law firm of The Zoldan Law Group PLLC, our attorneys advise and represent employees who have been retaliated against by their employers. We offer a compelling combination of responsive service, thorough case preparation and strong litigation skills – a combination that has yielded favorable outcomes for many of our clients. We are aggressive in protecting the rights of employees who have been retaliated against in matters involving:

Experienced Lawyers Handling Employee Demotion Cases In Phoenix And Scottsdale

Some adverse employment actions are illegal and can form the basis of a lawsuit. If you are searching for a lawyer regarding employment retaliation in Scottsdale or Phoenix, we can help.

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