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Phoenix Employer Rights Lawyer

A great many employers include among their top priorities staying in compliance with employment laws to maintain strong relations and avoid disputes with employees. This being said, employment law is rather complex, with an intricate web of state and federal laws governing the employer-employee relationship. In this complex regulatory environment, a company could easily fall into legal pitfalls when it comes to their employees. In some cases, it can be easy to get confused about how best to stay in compliance with employment laws.

Our firm, The Zoldan Law Group, helps employers in Phoenix metro area communities with employment law matters. We guide employers through the complexities of Arizona and federal labor laws to help them stay compliant.

Proactive Employment Law Guidance For Employers in Phoenix

We understand how much disputes with employees cost employers, financially and emotionally, from an employee-relations standpoint and from a reputation standpoint. Our attorneys take a proactive approach aimed at helping employers address potential issues early and avoid future pitfalls.

We use this proactive approach when helping employers with a range of employment law issues, including:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee wages
  • Employment contracts
  • Employers’ rights
  • Overtime policies and practices
  • Tip policies and practices
  • Anti-discrimination policies
  • Worker classification

Our lawyers will work closely with you to help address your business’s particular employment law compliance needs. If an employee dispute does arise, we can help your business address legal matters related to the dispute, such as resulting litigation.

Get Out In Front Of Employment Law Issues

If you want your business to have the benefit of proactive employment law services, contact us online or call us at 480-442-3410. An appointment can be arranged to discuss your business’s employment law needs.