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Scottsdale Non-Solicitation Agreements Lawyer

A non-solicitation agreement is usually covered in a restrictive covenant within an employment contract. Employees and former employees agree or promise to not solicit business or other employees that causes competition against an employer or former employer, usually for up to one year after their employment is terminated by either party.

Former employers look to the law on restrictive covenants for protection from previous employees. Former employees who create work competition by taking over your customers or providing the same services in your area at a reduced rate can affect your company’s profit. This is understandable, but also cautionary for employees to be aware not to breach such a non-solicitation agreement in Arizona.

Determining whether you are a victim or truly violated a restrictive covenant should be determined by an employment law attorney along with the basic that need to present for a case. Three essential things should be clear about the covenant to the person who signs it:

  • Time limiting period of restriction;
  • Geographical restriction limits; and
  • Reasonable restrictions scope.

Normally, such an agreement should be signed by the employee to be effective and provided a copy. It’s to either party’s advantage to provide proof of this signed agreement to determine if there was a breach or violation of contract or victimization. Our experienced legal experts know the appropriate scope of the protective laws and can guide you through the entire legal process.

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