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Scottsdale Non-Compete & Confidentiality Agreement Lawyer

If you are involved in a contract dispute involving non-compete or confidentiality agreements and are looking for an attorney who will fight for you, you are looking for The Zoldan Law Group. We are known as aggressive litigators. Opposing counsel knows we won’t back down and we won’t agree to settlements that don’t protect our clients’ interests.

From our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, our Scottsdale non-compete lawyers represent clients throughout the Phoenix metro area during disputes regarding non-compete and confidentiality contracts.

Confidentiality And Noncompete Litigation in Scottsdale

Noncompete agreements are contracts that prevent someone — usually an employee — from engaging in behavior that would constitute competition with another person or company — typically an employer. After these contracts are executed, disagreements often arise over their reasonableness. If the contract is unreasonable in scope, geographic area or duration, it may be unenforceable.

Confidentiality agreements also often come under attack. Allegations of trade secret disclosure, other breaches of the agreement or disputes regarding the validity of the contract can result in litigation.

At The Zoldan Law Group, we will carefully review the contract at issue to determine whether it adequately protects our clients’ interests or unnecessarily infringes upon their rights. We then attempt to renegotiate the terms of the contract to provide more protection for our clients. If negotiation does not result in a beneficial result, we will file suit and fight for our clients’ interests in the courtroom.

Effective Legal Representation During Contract Disputes

At The Zoldan Law Group, we have experience representing clients on both sides of contract disputes — both those contesting the validity of the contract or its terms and those wishing to uphold and enforce the contract. This experience provides us with great insight. We can anticipate the arguments that will be raised by the other side and prepare strong responses that further our clients’ interests.

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