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Employment torts or contract violations are normally allegations brought forth against an employer, implying that a breach of contract or a violation of public policy occurred.

  • Employment Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Non-Competes & Restrictive Covenants
  • Employment Torts
  • Trade Secrets

An employment tort or contract violation under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is limited when it comes to the government when its’ employees are negligent within their scope of employment. In other words, an individual may be held responsible for an act or omission in a place where the act occurred because the government is incapable of performing like a private individual.

The way the FTCA establishes that responsibility falls upon an individual is by determining whether their conduct was performed with an element of choice or an element of judgment. Based on that it’s further determined if it was the government or private individual.

What are the Most Common Topics of Torts?

Most common topics of torts are:

  • Invasion of employee privacy through drug testing; intrusion of solitude or seclusion of another or their private affairs or concerns; appropriation of name or likeness; public disclosure of private facts; and publicity placing a person in false light;
  • Employer’s negligent hiring and supervision;
  • Defamation of an employee, a common tort that arises when an employer makes a written or spoken statement about an employee’s qualifications or performance, or statements are made by employees regarding fellow employees;
  • Termination for whistle-blowing because an employee who refused to perform an unlawful act which was their attempt to exercise or perform a statutory or civic obligation;
  • Infliction of emotional distress by an employer’s conduct that subjects the employee to conditions on the job that result in emotional distress, resulting in a wrongful discharge;
  • Third party tortious interference in contractual relations by inducing either current or prospective employer or employee into not performing a contract or not enter into a contract; or
  • On the rise are claims about some exceptions to the At-Will employment law.

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