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wrongful termination Archives

Arizona age discrimination case to be heard by U.S. Supreme Court

When the U.S. Supreme Court returns to work the first Monday in October, one of the cases on its docket will involve a discrimination suit that originated in a small fire district here in Arizona. Two men sued the Mount Lemmon Fire District, claiming that they were terminated because of their age.

Were you the victim of 'constructive discharge?'

Employees who are the victims of something called "constructive discharge" may not even realize it. Sometimes referred to as "constructive termination" or "corrective dismissal," it's when an employer intentionally makes working conditions so unbearable for an employee that he or she has no alternative but to quit.

Arizona state employee terminated while battling cancer

The termination of an Arizona State Parks & Trails (ASPT) employee while she taking time away from her job under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has come under media scrutiny. The woman, who has eye cancer, has also been taking care of her elderly mother who suffers from dementia.

Does your employer have the right to demote you?

You likely know that it's illegal to terminate people's employment due to their race, religion, gender, disability and other protected statuses. You also can't be fired as retaliation for reporting illegal activities or sexual harassment in the workplace. However, it's also illegal to demote an employee for any of those reasons.

State employee claims wrongful termination

A former employee of Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) is claiming that he was forced to resign or else face termination after he began asking questions about several contracts the ADOA pushed. According to his claims, the employee suspected that some of the contracts featured inappropriate arrangements between the ADOA and various parties. While he did submit a resignation letter reading simply "I resign effective today," he now asserts that he is a whistleblower, and that his exit from the department was involuntary.

Elements of wrongful termination

Whenever an employer lets you go, it feel frustrating and scary, or may even feel as though you were terminated unfairly. If your termination brings up a strong emotional response, it is not always easy to clarify in the moment whether your employer fired you fairly or not. However, once the sting of the termination has some time to mellow, it is wise to carefully examine the circumstances of your firing. You may find that it does include one or more element of a wrongful termination, and may have grounds to pursue legal action against your former employer.

Wrongful termination and contract violations

When an employer terminates you, it may seem as though you have no recourse, especially if the firing does not involve discrimination or retaliation that you can easily identify. However, if you have an employment contract, it is wise to review it to make sure that your termination is valid.

How do I prove my termination was retaliatory?

Sometimes, after a particularly frustrating firing, it is difficult to know if you were fairly terminated or if your employer fired you in retaliation. This an understandable point of confusion, and one that you should take great care to work thorough properly. If your employer did fire you in retaliation, then you should consider the steps you can take to stand up for justice in the work place and defend yourself from unfair violations of your rights and an employee.

Former manager combats wrongful termination

It's easy to think of a wrongful termination as the kind of the thing that arises when someone or some group of people with influence over employment at a company or organization orchestrates the firing of an employee they dislike personally. However, sometimes wrongful termination disputes are not personal at all, but rather entirely about conflicts over procedural issues.