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What is age discrimination?

When you graduated from college, people who were over 40 seemed like senior citizens. Now that 40 is in the rear view mirror, it doesn't seem old at all. You have knowledge, experience, patience and people skills that you lacked when you were starting your career. You're an asset to your company.

Judge rules against state lawmaker expelled for sexual harassment

This February, Arizona's House of Representatives voted nearly unanimously (56 to 3) to expel one of its own, Rep. Don Shooter, after multiple accusations of sexual harassment were made against him. The vote came after a law firm hired by the legislative body to investigate the allegations found "credible evidence" that he had harassed a minimum of seven women.

Why are there more workplace discrimination cases than ever?

The federal law commonly know as Title VII makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees because of their race, gender, religion, color and national origin. Discrimination based on disability and pregnancy, are protected under federal law as well. While many employers are more scrupulous about complying with the law than ever, the number of employment discrimination lawsuits is increasing.

Tackling age discrimination as America's workforce ages

Americans are living longer and staying healthy and active well into their senior years. That means that more people are working past the one-time "traditional" retirement age of 65. Even for many people who'd like to retire, it's not an option. They have debt, on-going living expenses and family members to support. They need to continue working.

The link between minimum wage and restaurant sexual harassment

One of the outgrowths of the #MeToo movement is the spotlight it's placed on the high rate of sexual harassment suffered by restaurant workers. They can be the victims of not only harassment but abuse and assault by co-workers, managers and customers.

Retaliation is a serious problem in the workplace

Too often, employees who are being harassed or discriminated against at work hesitate to make a complaint out of fear that a boss or colleagues will retaliate against them -- only making the situation worse. They need their jobs, so they deal with the behavior -- sometimes to the detriment of their own mental and physical health.