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Wrongfully terminated after an illegal workplace drug test?

If you have ever looked for a new job, you probably read many ads on employment search websites or local newspapers. You may have found among the education and experience qualifications a statement explaining that your employment with the company would be contingent on your passing a drug test. Soon after your new employer formally extended you a contract, you probably went to a medical center or lab and gave a urine sample.

#youtoo? What should you do?

From #metoo to "Time's Up," recent events in Hollywood and among government officials have brought the issue of sexual harassment to the forefront. While glamorous celebrities have set up a platform for the cause, their efforts may have little effect on your daily struggle, and you may wonder how to stand up for yourself and other women -- and how to put a stop to harassment and hostility in Arizona workplaces.

More now than ever, women feel emboldened to call out sexual harassment

As sexual harassment and misconduct claims continue to mount against prominent public figures, women in workplaces across the United States are saying out loud, "I don't have to be silent anymore. I don't have to be afraid anymore."

Sexual harassment is never 'friendly'

Allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior in Hollywood have cropped up before, and many times, the celebrity at the center of the scandal is able to brush it off or disappear into quiet disgrace. This time, however, the scandal broke with fury, opening the floodgates to dozens of women who spoke up to allege that film executive Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed, intimidated and or assaulted them.

Know how to recognize workplace retaliation

Did you recently file a report with human resources or your supervisor complaining of sexual harassment on the job? Maybe you reported your boss for illegal practices. Perhaps you refused to condone unethical procedures or falsify company records. Chances are, if the behavior you complained about is company-wide, your whistleblowing did not go over well.