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How can you avoid breaching a nonsolicitation agreement?

In many industries, professionals accumulate customers over the years who are devoted to them more than the company they work for. When these professionals leave their employers for another company or to start a business, their customers often want to follow them. If that happened regularly, it could destroy a company.

States moving to end sexual harassment confidentiality agreements

One of many disturbing practices that has come to light in the #MeToo movement is the use of confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to settle sexual harassment cases. The victims are given money in a settlement in exchange for signing an agreement that they're told forbids them from disclosing the harassment. These agreements have allowed powerful men to keep their jobs and reputations and continue to harass women.

What you should know about non-competition agreements

You're thinking about accepting an offer from another company that would mean more money and seniority or perhaps the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new enterprise. However, you're concerned about that non-competition agreement you signed back when you were hired by your current employer.

Did you sign an unreasonable non-compete agreement?

When you first landed an interview for a job in your chosen career field, you may have felt excited and apprehensive. You, and most other working-age individuals, understand that job searching can prove time consuming and difficult, especially when looking for a position in a specific industry. Because of your excitement and readiness to start a new job, you may have agreed to stipulations without giving them much thought.

Be cautious trading your signature for severance

Whether you have spent decades at your job or only a few months, receiving notice that management is terminating you can come as a blow. Few people have jobs they don't depend on to meet their basic needs - rent or mortgage, car payments, and daily expenses like gas and groceries. To be suddenly out of work can throw the most solid budget into a tailspin.

Considering severance package terms

When an employer makes you a severance offer, you may have a number of competing reactions. On one hand, many employees fear termination from an employer, especially if they face difficulty transitioning into another job. On the other hand, severance pay often feels like a windfall when it occurs, sometimes blinding an employee to unfair terms in the offer.

Are noncompetition agreements fair?

In many industries and job sectors, employees expect to receive some form of noncompetition agreement at some point during their time with a company or as they exit. Whether or not they are commonplace, are such noncompetition agreements justifiably fair to the employee? To some degree, this question spend on individual priorities and perspectives on employment law, but in the legal sense, viable noncompetition agreements must meet three standards.

Your employer may owe you back pay for employee misclassification

Employers bear a responsibility to employees to classify them correctly and pay them appropriately according to overtime protections. However, many employers misclassify employees, denying them benefits they deserve under the law. If your employer classifies you incorrectly, you may not receive proper overtime pay. Are you owed back pay by an employer who misclassified you, or is currently misclassifying you as exempt from overtime?