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December 2018 Archives

What Arizona's next minimum wage increase means for workers

On Jan. 1, 2019, the third of four steps approved by voters to raise Arizona's minimum wage will begin. In 2016, Arizonans approved a plan to incrementally raise the minimum wage so that in 2020 it will be $12 per hour. In 2019, it will be $11.00 -- up from the current minimum of $10.50.

Judge rules against state lawmaker expelled for sexual harassment

This February, Arizona's House of Representatives voted nearly unanimously (56 to 3) to expel one of its own, Rep. Don Shooter, after multiple accusations of sexual harassment were made against him. The vote came after a law firm hired by the legislative body to investigate the allegations found "credible evidence" that he had harassed a minimum of seven women.

Surprising ways to jeopardize your nursing license

Confidence is probably something that came to you over time. In the beginning of your studies to be a nurse, you may have had moments when you felt overwhelmed and even considered dropping your plans. However, you now wear the scrubs and carry the stethoscope, and your work is an important and rewarding part of your life.

Restaurant workers most vulnerable to wage theft

For some, working in food services is a stepping stone, making them money to pay the bills until something else comes along. For others, the restaurant industry is a calling, and they have a gift for making diners feel welcome and at home. No matter which group you fall into, one thing is for certain. You typically work extremely hard for less money than you deserve.

Your behavior at the office holiday party can cost you your job

Holiday parties -- particularly when they're held at offsite venues -- are a way for businesses to thank their employees for all of their hard work during the year. They also provide a chance for employees to socialize with their colleagues in a festive, relaxed atmosphere.