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November 2018 Archives

Why are there more workplace discrimination cases than ever?

The federal law commonly know as Title VII makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees because of their race, gender, religion, color and national origin. Discrimination based on disability and pregnancy, are protected under federal law as well. While many employers are more scrupulous about complying with the law than ever, the number of employment discrimination lawsuits is increasing.

How can you avoid breaching a nonsolicitation agreement?

In many industries, professionals accumulate customers over the years who are devoted to them more than the company they work for. When these professionals leave their employers for another company or to start a business, their customers often want to follow them. If that happened regularly, it could destroy a company.

Managers can lose their jobs if they retaliate

Retaliation is a serious issue that plagues many workplaces in the Scottsdale area and the rest of the country. Retaliation often leads to wrongful termination cases when an employee loses their job for speaking up about unethical or illegal practices at their place of employment, also known as blowing the whistle. It's not out of the question for managers to lose their jobs if they retaliate against an employee.

What makes a termination 'wrongful?'

Many people who get fired believe that the action was unfair. Whether it's illegal, which would make it "wrongful termination," is another matter. Approximately 150,000 Americans are wrongfully terminated annually in the United States. Arizona is an "at-will" state, which means that most employees can be terminated for just about any reason, as long as it's not illegal.