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September 2018 Archives

TV host says he was fired for reporting the harassment of others

Anyone who's enduring sexual harassment, abuse or discrimination in the workplace hopes that colleagues who witness this behavior will support them as they report it or that they'll take the initiative to report it themselves. Unfortunately, when people take these actions in support of co-workers, they may find themselves facing illegal retaliation, including the loss of their jobs.

States moving to end sexual harassment confidentiality agreements

One of many disturbing practices that has come to light in the #MeToo movement is the use of confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to settle sexual harassment cases. The victims are given money in a settlement in exchange for signing an agreement that they're told forbids them from disclosing the harassment. These agreements have allowed powerful men to keep their jobs and reputations and continue to harass women.

Man claims he was fired because he stopped going to Bible study

Can an employer impose their religious beliefs on their employees? Most people would assume that unless they work for a church or an organization affiliated with a particular religion, their own religious beliefs (or lack of them) are irrelevant.

Tackling age discrimination as America's workforce ages

Americans are living longer and staying healthy and active well into their senior years. That means that more people are working past the one-time "traditional" retirement age of 65. Even for many people who'd like to retire, it's not an option. They have debt, on-going living expenses and family members to support. They need to continue working.

Can employees make surreptitious recordings in the workplace?

Our readers who follow the daily political drama in the nation's capital, have likely seen former White House aide and reality show star Omarosa Manigault Newman on the political talk show circuit discussing her time in the White House and sharing tapes that she surreptitiously made during and after her firing from her position with the Trump administration. One of these is an audio tape of John Kelly, President Trump's chief of staff, dismissing her from her position.