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June 2018 Archives

Arizona state employee terminated while battling cancer

The termination of an Arizona State Parks & Trails (ASPT) employee while she taking time away from her job under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has come under media scrutiny. The woman, who has eye cancer, has also been taking care of her elderly mother who suffers from dementia.

Health care professionals and addiction: You are not alone

If you are like many nurses, you love your job. In fact, you may identify as a nurse more than many of your other callings, such as being a spouse, a parent or a friend. It is your compassion and concern for others that drew you to the profession. While the reality of the job may not be exactly what you imagined as a student in nursing school, the privilege of helping others through a moment of crisis is what carries you through the day.

What is a 'reasonable accommodation?'

Most everyone knows that it's illegal for employers to discriminate against someone based on his or her disability when deciding whom to hire, promote or terminate. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers also have an obligation to make "reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability."

Is your boss failing to pay you for overtime?

Love it or hate it, your job is how you pay your bills, protect your future and buy the things you want and need. Your time is valuable, and it is not fair for an employer to ask you to sacrifice your time without due compensation. Nevertheless, if you are unfamiliar with your rights under federal and Arizona employment laws, you may be at risk of losing money you deserve.

Have you been the victim of age discrimination in the workplace?

Employment discrimination of all kinds often involves some level of ignorance about what impact certain characteristics have on people's ability to do a job. That's often the case with age discrimination. In a society that seems to worship youth, people who have hit 40 or older are too often not considered as capable of doing a job as a younger person.

What is CANDO?

Substance abuse, whether it involves alcohol and/or drugs, is indisputably at frightening levels in this country. Those in the nursing profession are at particular risk for abuse, in part because of their highly-stressful jobs and also because of their access to prescription drugs.