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May 2018 Archives

11 Nike executives out amid harassment, discrimination claims

You'd think that an iconic international company like Nike would have so many systems in place to prevent inappropriate and illegal workplace behavior that it would be rare. However, nearly a dozen executives have recently left the company amid widespread allegations of harassment and discrimination directed at women in the company.

Court ruling on salary history could minimize gender disparity

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was signed into law to mandate that people should be paid the same amount for doing the same job, regardless of gender. In the ensuing 55 years, many factors have perpetuated gender wage disparity. Statistics vary, but a recent report indicated that the average woman earns 80.5 cents for every dollar earned by men. Men on average earn more than $10,000 a year more than women.

Did you sign an unreasonable non-compete agreement?

When you first landed an interview for a job in your chosen career field, you may have felt excited and apprehensive. You, and most other working-age individuals, understand that job searching can prove time consuming and difficult, especially when looking for a position in a specific industry. Because of your excitement and readiness to start a new job, you may have agreed to stipulations without giving them much thought.

Does your employer have the right to demote you?

You likely know that it's illegal to terminate people's employment due to their race, religion, gender, disability and other protected statuses. You also can't be fired as retaliation for reporting illegal activities or sexual harassment in the workplace. However, it's also illegal to demote an employee for any of those reasons.

How do you know if an interviewer's questions are illegal?

You landed an interview for your dream job. You've got the experience and skills to excel. Then the person interviewing you asks some questions that make you uncomfortable and seem irrelevant to whether you're a good fit for the position. How do you know if these questions are permitted? If they aren't, how do you gracefully refrain from answering them without jeopardizing your chances of being hired?

Be cautious trading your signature for severance

Whether you have spent decades at your job or only a few months, receiving notice that management is terminating you can come as a blow. Few people have jobs they don't depend on to meet their basic needs - rent or mortgage, car payments, and daily expenses like gas and groceries. To be suddenly out of work can throw the most solid budget into a tailspin.