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March 2018 Archives

What counts as "undue hardship" for an employer?

In many instances, if an employee has some form of disability, he or she may request that an employer provide reasonable accommodation to allow him or her to do his or her job effectively. For many individuals, the laws that ensure this right offer important protections that ensure they can participate in the workforce fully.

Know the employer penalties for misclassifying employees

When an employer misclassifies an employee, either purposefully or negligently, they may face a number of penalties, depending on the severity of the misclassification. A worker who suspects he or she suffers from misclassification may file a suit that not only addresses their own concerns but also sheds light on larger endemic issues within the employer's practices.

Arizona employees and medical marijuana

As greater numbers of states throughout the country continue to advance marijuana legalization efforts, employees often find themselves between a rock and a hard place, legally speaking. Here in Arizona, it seems as though it is only a matter of time before the drug receives some form of widespread legalization, as legislators regularly introduce legislation to that effect.. However, even in states where the drug is legal, employers may not treat employees who use the drug legally in a fair way.

Protecting your nursing license during an Arizona State Board of Nursing investigation

You may have always wanted to be a nurse, but at some point in your nursing education or in the first few years on the job, you realized you had a passion for the work. The satisfaction of helping people in a personal and meaningful way often made the long, exhausting hours worthwhile. Nursing for you is an ideal way to achieve personal fulfillment and to support your family at the same time.

Is your boss committing wage theft?

Your time is precious to you, especially if you have a family. While your job is important for supporting your family and providing for their needs, you look forward to clocking out and going home. You may be willing to go the extra mile for your employer, but sometimes, you feel as if your boss is taking advantage of you.

Elements of wrongful termination

Whenever an employer lets you go, it feel frustrating and scary, or may even feel as though you were terminated unfairly. If your termination brings up a strong emotional response, it is not always easy to clarify in the moment whether your employer fired you fairly or not. However, once the sting of the termination has some time to mellow, it is wise to carefully examine the circumstances of your firing. You may find that it does include one or more element of a wrongful termination, and may have grounds to pursue legal action against your former employer.

Considering severance package terms

When an employer makes you a severance offer, you may have a number of competing reactions. On one hand, many employees fear termination from an employer, especially if they face difficulty transitioning into another job. On the other hand, severance pay often feels like a windfall when it occurs, sometimes blinding an employee to unfair terms in the offer.