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February 2018 Archives

Should I consider waiving my age discrimination rights?

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), aging employees have protections against age discriminate in the workplace. Older employees are often some of the most vulnerable to unfair practices, especially as the business world continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace. Without these protections, workers may see themselves sidelined well before they can afford to retire.

Resolving a salary calculation dispute

Many workers face regular conflict with their employer, which is a normal part of business to one degree or another. However, some workers face unfair pay for their work, and may have grounds to take legal action to recover lost wages. In instances like these, workers have a few options.

Wrongfully terminated after an illegal workplace drug test?

If you have ever looked for a new job, you probably read many ads on employment search websites or local newspapers. You may have found among the education and experience qualifications a statement explaining that your employment with the company would be contingent on your passing a drug test. Soon after your new employer formally extended you a contract, you probably went to a medical center or lab and gave a urine sample.

Undocumented workers and overtime pay

Immigration issues are hot as ever these days, and it is not always easy to know what rights undocumented workers should expect, especially in an area like Arizona. While many unsavory attitudes towards undocumented workers do exist, the law is still clear that undocumented workers can expect many of the same protections that other workers enjoy, even rights that are sometimes difficult to enforce, like overtime pay.