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October 2017 Archives

Arizona tribes face criticism for harassment response

A recent report delivered by the U.S. Department of Interior suggests that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has fallen short of its duties responding to reports of sexual harassment in the workplace by individuals working within Colorado River Indian Tribes organizations. According to the report, the Bureau did not properly respond to the seriousness of these harassment allegations in the workplace.

Identifying unfair termination in Arizona

When you lose a job, there is often an instinctive response to fight the termination or to prove that the firing was unjust or illegal. In many cases, a firing is actually unjust or illegal, and demands that you take action to right the wrong. In other cases, the termination is perfectly legal, but still personally hurtful. If you are unclear about your options after an unexpected termination from your job, you may want to reach out to an attorney in Arizona who can help you assess your options.

How will your past influence a Board of Nursing decision?

If you recently reached a turning point in your life, you may be focused on a bright future and taking steps to reach your new goals. You can be proud of yourself because not many people are able to put their pasts behind them and resolve to commit the rest of their lives to helping others. If you are working toward a career in nursing, you likely have this mindset.

Does my employer's insurance cover my pregnancy?

When you first receive the news that you are pregnant, you may experience a thousand feelings in a single, life-changing moment. Then later, the thoughts occur to you — how will my employer respond to my pregnancy? Will my employer's insurance cover me and my child all the way through to term? Health insurance through an employer is a great benefit, but now you're not entirely sure exactly what the coverages include.

Your employer may owe you back pay for employee misclassification

Employers bear a responsibility to employees to classify them correctly and pay them appropriately according to overtime protections. However, many employers misclassify employees, denying them benefits they deserve under the law. If your employer classifies you incorrectly, you may not receive proper overtime pay. Are you owed back pay by an employer who misclassified you, or is currently misclassifying you as exempt from overtime?