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April 2017 Archives

Nurses, think before you self-report

To many Arizona nurses, one of the most intimidating aspects of holding a professional license is the thought of having to appear before the Board of Nursing to answer questions in an investigation. You may also shudder to realize the Board expects you to tell them when authorities file certain criminal charges against you.

What if my employer does not issue my final paycheck?

When you leave a job, either because you chose to leave willingly or because you were fired, it is often rather difficult to obtain you final paycheck. Unfortunately, many employers are not eager or motivated to pay you for your last portion of work, and often require some coercion. The good news is that the law is generally on the employee's side in these matters, even if it takes some legal muscle to exercise the law in your favor.

Can I challenge a litigation waiver after a wrongful termination?

If you face a wrongful termination after signing a waiver against suing your employer, you may feel as though you are out of options. However, litigation waivers are often not ironclad agreements, and a skillful attorney may be able to identify weaknesses in the agreement or ways that your employer behaved that invalidate the waiver.

Responding to Arizona Board of Nursing investigations

After the Arizona Board of Nursing receives a complaint about a nurse, the Board sends a formal notice that the complaint is under investigation. If you have recently received such a notice, you may be unsure of how to respond.

Common reasons why nurses may need to defend their licenses

Being a nurse is not something you decided on the spur of the moment. You may have dreamed about it as a child or realized you wanted to be part of this noble profession as a young adult. In either case, you remember the years of effort, study, late nights and tuition bills to reach your goal, and now you fear your license may be in danger.

Appeals court ruling strengthens non-solicitation agreements

One common concern for many employers is finding functional ways to compel their employees to abide by non-compete agreements, which can be very difficult to enforce. To this end, many employers choose to employ more specific non-solicitation agreements, which specifically seek to keep an employee from bailing on the company and taking clients with them. However, even these more specific agreements have their weaknesses, which many employees or potential employees may seek to circumvent.