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March 2017 Archives

Employer liability for harrassment

Workplace harassment is a difficult issue that troubles both employers and workers. For many workers, it can be difficult to separate an individual's harassing behavior from the company as a whole, while employers face frustrating liabilities if they do not maintain a harassment-free workplace. if you believe that you are experiencing harassment, it is helpful to understand your employer's liability in the matter.

When social media posts put your status at risk

Occasionally something happens at work that fills you with emotion. It makes you either sad, grateful or so full of pride that you can't wait to share it. Maybe it frustrates you or makes you so angry you just have to vent to the world. This kind of thing happens to most people, and this may be why you were stunned to learn that the Board of Nursing is investigating a post you made on social media.

Arizona Supreme Court upholds minimum wage law

A recent challenge to Arizona's minimum wage law has been denied, in what workers' rights advocates are calling a win for workers across the state. The Arizona Supreme Court chose to reject the challenge, upholding the position that the new law is constitutional.

What are the stages of the a medical board review?

At one time or another, many medical care providers throughout Arizona will experience a formal review by the Arizona Medical Board. The process can have very serious consequences, and may result in you losing your license to practice. If you are facing a professional review, then you should do everything in your power to protect your career and practice. Among the measures you can take is to enlist the guidance of an attorney who understands how to navigate the review process and fight for your future.

Beware of a severance agreement you don't understand

Have you ever known someone who will sign his or her name to a dotted line when asked to do so, without actually reading the document? Many people in Arizona and across the nation have wound up facing terrible legal complications after adding their signatures to documents they didn't fully understand. A lawfully signed contract becomes enforceable by law; therefore, it is crucial to have a full understanding of all obligations and restrictions contained therein to avoid negative surprises later.

What are violations of public policy in wrongful termination?

There are a number of reasons a firing may be considered illegal, from discrimination to retaliation. Each firing is different, and must be considered on its own merits. Some firings involve violating or potentially violating several aspects of the law, and require some extra scrutiny when preparing a wrongful termination case. Terminations that involve a violation of public policy fall into this category.

Non-compete agreements that may be invalid

Depending on the industry where you work and the nature of your job, you may be required to sign a non-compete agreement. Such agreements are a common part of many industries, so much so that you may sign one without truly scrutinizing its contents. However, just because you are presented with a non-compete or have even signed one, doesn't mean that it will absolutely hold up in court. Often, an employee will agree to a non-compete agreement out of a desire to stick the landing on a job, but it may present unfair terms that unreasonably limits opportunities for additional employment.