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February 2017 Archives

Inaccurate patient records can lead to claims of fraud

When you heard the word "fraud," you may have felt a sense of dread. Being accused of fraud means someone believes you intentionally attempted to deceive for your own benefit. Personal benefit was probably the last thing on your mind when you made those notations on your patient's record.

Is my employer exempt from paying minimum wage?

The minimum wage is intended to create a floor for how little a person can be paid per hour, ensuring that workers are not abused or paid less than a reasonable wage. Does this mean that all employers must pay minimum wage to their respective employees? No, in fact, it does note. Arizona maintains some exceptions to who must pay minimum wage, which can create particularly tricky employment situations if interpreted broadly.

Nurses not trained to defend their licenses

Any number of episodes in your life could have drawn you to a career in nursing. Some people are attracted to nursing because they saw an exciting movie or TV show in which a nurse showed strength and courage. People often enter the field after watching the caring attention of a nurse when a loved one was sick or dying. Maybe you always loved to pretend you were nursing your family or pets, and helping people comes naturally to you.

Tech companies still face diversity and discrimination issues

The tech industry often prides itself on being forward-thinking and operating on the cutting edge of social issues and causes. However, employment data sometimes tells a different story than so many carefully curated press releases and mission statements. According to a recent survey, about one-quarter of tech industry employees have experienced discrimination in the workplace in some way or another.

Addiction does not have to derail your nursing career

If you are a nurse and you are currently struggling with substance abuse problems, you may have concerns about how you will seek treatment and still keep your career. There is much at stake, but, as a health care worker, you have the right to fight for your job while you fight to get well.

Make the most of your severance package

There are a number of scenarios where you might find yourself offered a severance package in the course of employment. It is important to acknowledge that being offered a severance package is almost always better than not being offered one at all, but that does not mean that you shouldn't scrutinize the offer and consult with experienced legal counsel before you accept it.

Is pregnancy protected in the workplace?

It can be difficult to know how to engage in your career once you become pregnant. Many employers, unfortunately, do not greet pregnancy with open arms and an encouraging attitude. In many cases, an employer may be outright hostile to a pregnant woman in the workforce. The sad reality of the matter is that pregnancy discrimination is a very real thing, so much so that the law recognizes it and extends pregnant women certain special protections under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.