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January 2017 Archives

Do You Have an Age Discrimination Case?

You were a loyal employee, but now you find yourself out of a job. You applied for a different position in the restructured team for which your knowledge and skills are a perfect fit, but the company declined to give you the job. However, you were asked to train the 21-year-old who is essentially taking over your duties. You were just shy of your pension planning goals and now are on the job hunt at 59.

Judge rules truckers are misclassified as contractors

As the global economy shifts and the "old way of doing things" becomes less and less relevant to many job sectors, the lines between who is an employee and who is an independent contractor has gotten fuzzier and fuzzier. Fortunately, the ongoing practice of misclassifying workers as contractors is seeing pushback in many sectors, and judges are continuing to side with workers against big companies who repeatedly misclassify workers to strengthen their bottom line.

Know your rights when you blow the whistle at work

An employer-employee relationship may become strained or hostile for many reasons, and the deterioration of the relationship may lead the employer to fire the employee. Fortunately for employees through the country, some courses of action that may sour your relationship with your employer enjoy protection under the law. In general terms, these protected activities include participating in investigations and reporting unlawful conduct or practices.

Get the help you need to avoid losing your nursing license

Becoming a licensed nurse is a lengthy and difficult process — one that can be derailed or stripped from you under a number of circumstances. Of course, all nurses are merely human and are capable of making compromised choices in a difficult circumstance. This can be especially true when it comes to nurses and addictive substances, which they may have greater access to than most. However, just because you may make a mistake does not mean that you absolutely deserve to have your nursing license revoked. If you are facing a potential license revocation due to substance abuse, it is important to know that you have rights that deserve protecting and several avenues you can pursue to keep your license and your livelihood.

Overview of employee contracts

As an employee, even in an at-will employment scenario, you may be required to sign an employment contract. Each employment contract has the potential to be different, so if you have a contract, it is vital for you to have a working knowledge of your contract, what it requires of you, how it protects you and how it protects your employer. Furthermore, in some cases, you may have what is considered an "implied contract," that can be enforced through a court, depending on your particular circumstances.