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Are you suffering due to discrimination or sexual harassment at work? Have you been fired wrongfully or otherwise denied your legal rights as an employee? Perhaps you are a business leader immersed in a dispute over a contract, unfair competition or someone's financial wrongdoing.

In any such situation, the stress and uncertainty can be overwhelming. You may be worried about your career or company, your financial well-being and your reputation all at once. You need to know your rights under applicable laws, along with what you may be able to achieve through litigation, likely costs and risks. The single best step you can take is to sit down with a knowledgeable, engaged lawyer who will focus on your unique concerns.

Adept Case Analysts, Proven Negotiators And Accomplished Litigators

At The Zoldan Law Group, we have one constant goal: resolving our clients' legal disputes in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We don't wait until a trial appears inevitable to begin working rigorously on our clients' cases. Instead, we provided personalized attention from day one and do everything in our power to save our clients the time and costs of trial — but we are absolutely trial-ready if that is what your case demands.

Our attorneys have excellent educational and professional credentials. We address every business law and employment law matter with insight, balance and determination. Our firm's strengths cover a broad spectrum of challenges and conflicts such as:

  • Employee filings with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), as well as lawsuits in federal court over sexual harassment; unlawful employer retaliation; discrimination based on race, gender, pregnancy or disability; illegal employer retaliation and other employment law concerns
  • A full range of contract disputes and other matters that may lead to business or commercial litigation: partnership disputes, allegations of unfair competition, theft of trade secrets, alleged violations of employment contracts and much more

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At our main office in Scottsdale, Arizona and satellite locations in both Tucson and Tempe, client needs come first. To schedule a consultation at a time and place that works well for you, call 480-442-3410 or reach out to us online right now.