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Are Arizona licensing boards out of control?

For the past five years, Arizona has been moving toward easing the burden of those who wish to pursue occupations that require licensing. Licensing requirements often make it difficult for people to find work to support their families. You may have dealt with the frustrating -- and often expensive -- prerequisites your chosen profession required before its board would grant you a license.

Summoned by the Arizona Board of Nursing? What next?

Whether you bounce out of bed at the first alarm or drag yourself to work after hitting the snooze button a dozen times, you likely reach a point in most shifts where you remember why you chose nursing as your profession. Those moments of gratification and reward can make the effort worthwhile and renew your commitment to giving quality care to your patients.

Director of Veterans Affairs hospital firing overturned by court

When it comes to your career, especially if your work involves a professional license of some kind, you should always consider fighting the charges against you, even if you do not have the support of public opinion in your favor. The truth of the matter is that public opinion and professional review boards are not one and the same, and even if you suffer a public relations fiasco, you may still succeed in beating charges and overturning your suspension or termination.

Nurses, think before you self-report

To many Arizona nurses, one of the most intimidating aspects of holding a professional license is the thought of having to appear before the Board of Nursing to answer questions in an investigation. You may also shudder to realize the Board expects you to tell them when authorities file certain criminal charges against you.

Responding to Arizona Board of Nursing investigations

After the Arizona Board of Nursing receives a complaint about a nurse, the Board sends a formal notice that the complaint is under investigation. If you have recently received such a notice, you may be unsure of how to respond.

Common reasons why nurses may need to defend their licenses

Being a nurse is not something you decided on the spur of the moment. You may have dreamed about it as a child or realized you wanted to be part of this noble profession as a young adult. In either case, you remember the years of effort, study, late nights and tuition bills to reach your goal, and now you fear your license may be in danger.

When social media posts put your status at risk

Occasionally something happens at work that fills you with emotion. It makes you either sad, grateful or so full of pride that you can't wait to share it. Maybe it frustrates you or makes you so angry you just have to vent to the world. This kind of thing happens to most people, and this may be why you were stunned to learn that the Board of Nursing is investigating a post you made on social media.

What are the stages of the a medical board review?

At one time or another, many medical care providers throughout Arizona will experience a formal review by the Arizona Medical Board. The process can have very serious consequences, and may result in you losing your license to practice. If you are facing a professional review, then you should do everything in your power to protect your career and practice. Among the measures you can take is to enlist the guidance of an attorney who understands how to navigate the review process and fight for your future.

Inaccurate patient records can lead to claims of fraud

When you heard the word "fraud," you may have felt a sense of dread. Being accused of fraud means someone believes you intentionally attempted to deceive for your own benefit. Personal benefit was probably the last thing on your mind when you made those notations on your patient's record.

Nurses not trained to defend their licenses

Any number of episodes in your life could have drawn you to a career in nursing. Some people are attracted to nursing because they saw an exciting movie or TV show in which a nurse showed strength and courage. People often enter the field after watching the caring attention of a nurse when a loved one was sick or dying. Maybe you always loved to pretend you were nursing your family or pets, and helping people comes naturally to you.