Your Problem: A Damaged Credit Rating

In this day and age, maintaining a good credit score is vital. Without an acceptable credit rating, it's nearly impossible for most people to buy a house, lease a car, take out a school loan, obtain a credit card or make other financial transactions.

Unfortunately, it's also far too easy for your credit rating to be damaged by wrong information. This can happen in countless ways — most of which you may never know about until it's too late. Here are a few examples:

  • You file for bankruptcy but one of your creditors fails to acknowledge that you no longer owe a particular debt.
  • You share the same name as someone else in Arizona, and your credit report reflects the other person's information instead of yours.
  • Your mortgage lender wrongly records that your home was foreclosed upon when in fact you negotiated a short sale.
  • An unscrupulous receptionist at your clinic steals your Social Security number, resulting in identity theft.
  • Your credit card company loses your check and reports it as a missing payment.

Our Solution: Repair Your Credit

At The Zoldan Law Group, we are equipped to help turn your situation around and free you from the countless problems associated with an inaccurate credit report. We maintain offices in Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson, allowing us to serve clients like you throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Our attorneys are proven litigators who never back down from a fight when our clients' interests are on the line. You can count on us to vigorously advocate for you, both in the courtroom and outside of it.

We Will Handle All The Details For You

From sending a carefully worded dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies to gathering appropriate proof, The Zoldan Law Group will manage the entire process for you. Count on us to help you regain the credit score that you deserve.

To learn more, simply send us an email or call our lawyers at 480-442-3410 today.